Your Style Group


Founded at the end of 2016 by Mirs World Fashion 2019 - Ho Nguyen Kim Sy, YSG has become a familiar fashion brand in the global female leadership network in Vietnam - WOMEN LEADER INTERNATIONAL NETWORK, and at the same time is also the brand sponsor for many beauty contests in Vietnam and around the world.


With YSG, CEO Ho Nguyen Kim Sy wishes to bring a distinctive, bold fashion style to his customers - modern women, especially business women. Listen sincerely to their wishes, their actual needs “What to wear? How to dress to be beautiful, personal, classy and still suitable for the situation?", YSG offers suitable solutions for pink balls through design consultation, style shaping and bold BSTs YSG's own.


Vision And Mission
As society develops, more and more women and businesswomen who are good at domestic chores take care of the housework and emulate to develop their careers. YSG was born with the mission to help modern, independent women orient and build their own fashion style, thereby becoming polite, beautiful and proud in any situation. From the image of a businesswoman in a power and luxury suit on the commercial arena. Come to the image of soft and elegant in office dresses and luxurious and noble party dresses. All available at YSG.
Constantly striving to create images and build trust in the minds of customers, YSG is step by step on the path of fulfilling its mission of bringing the most relevant and trendy fashion solutions, shaping the professional style of customers. female customer.



Your Style - Your Solution 
YSG's designs are a harmonious combination between the elegant beauty of Asian women and the proud and noble beauty of Western Europe, making the image of the ladies even more perfect in every angle. YSG Design is divided into 2 main product lines which are:

  • Signature - BSTs with outstanding, youthful outfits but no less personality and attraction. Suitable for young customers (from 25 to 35 years old), who are Team Leaders, owners of young businesses, ... want to create the image of a dynamic, professional lady, with highlights and earnings. attracts all eyes.
  • Consultant - Solution for customers aged 35 and over, who like luxury, elegance ... need to cover their own shortcomings, exalt the elite of the body.



Core Values


All YSG products pay special attention to high quality materials and sewing techniques. With a team of young, enthusiastic and professional designers and stylists, YSG is always working non-stop with the core value of DECLARATION - CREATION - PRESTIGE.